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How Do You Know When You Need to Hire?

June was a big month for hiring in the U.S., with employers adding 287,000 new jobs. 

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Investing in your employees: how and when to train them

You’ve made a new hire and added her to the payroll. Great! It may feel like you’re investing in your employee...

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How to give better feedback to your employees

Sixty-three percent of employees say a failure to recognize achievements keeps their leaders from being effective....

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What you need to know about running a background check

Let’s set the scene: You're searching for a great new employee to fill a currently vacant position. The person who...

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How to get started coaching your employees rather than lecturing them

As a manager, it can be tough when an employee makes a mistake. Sometimes these are small offenses like constantly...

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Giving employees praise: how, why and when

Take a moment to consider your last month of work. In addition to all the invoices, shift scheduling, order...

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Team dynamics: How to solve the 4 most common team conflicts

Effective managers must possess several key leadership skills. One of the most crucial is the ability to manage team...

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Why giving your team feedback is so important

Make no mistake: regular feedback is the glue that holds a productive, engaged team together. The numbers back this...

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New to management? Here's everything you need to know

It’s the trope that drives so many triumphant movie scenes: the employee pulled from the cubicle and promoted to the...

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How much should you train your employees?

From a manager's perspective, employee training can be a difficult investment to plan, but it is also vital to...

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Training new employees vs. training existing employees

Most companies understand the necessity of training new employees. Freshly hired workers need to understand their...

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5 Millennials explain how they want to be managed

The Millennial workforce--that nebulous population group that celebrate a birthday anywhere from 1980 to the late...

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